Reasons To Become A Tenant

Incredible Spaces

We’ve got well designed, beautiful retail spaces that’ll amplify your products or services. It’s one of the best ways to sell your brand experientially, so get shopping for space!

Great Business

What’s a good business without the right clientele? Ensure you have the right people walking through your doors. Quality not quantity – the Waterfront has this in mind!

Location, Location

We’re right at the centre of the Karen Triangle, beteen Ngong Road, Karen Road and Langata road. We can’t think of anything that spells ‘accessible’ quite as convincingly.

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The importance of security for your staff and shoppers is paramount. From great lighting at night, secure entrances and efficient guards…the Waterfront has you covered.

Parking Space

900 parking bays are more than twice the standard requirement. Wasted minutes circling around waiting for open slots are avoided this way


The Waterfront App, free Wifi, footfall cameras are just some of the ways you can optimize your business and keep track of the number of people coming in.

Phased Approach

There is a defined phased approach to development. This means you can prepare well in advance for all the new features that will be accessible to you.

Efficient Administration

Clear lines of communication and all your servicing needs taken care of…including mitigation for unexpected events…power and water outages. All you have to think about is sell sell sell!

Discover the

At the Waterfront, we’re inspired by water.

We understand that exceptional circulation is paramount to enjoying the Waterfront experience. We have built an active frontage and set strategic floor plans in order to include a great variety of both local and international shops, restaurants and cafes in an easy to navigate environment with ample parking and accessibility for all.

Our ‘town centre’ has over 50 acres of trails, parkland and outdoor amenities and lake side activities to keep visitors entertained and allow them to re-connect with nature.

Our competitive edge

The Waterfront is dedicated to offering a safe, environmentally responsible, world-class leasing experience to all our tenants. We aspire to become the go-to destination in East Africa, offering a versatile and unforgettable experience to everyone, every time. The Waterfront has invested in measures that will improve your leasing and tenancy experience, including administration, security and aesthetics. Take a look


Going Green


Location Advantages

It's taking shape

Project Progress

Our construction site is abuzz with activity and we are rapidly enhancing the local landscape.

Floor Plans

Take a look at the Waterfront and visualize the floors and surrounding areas.

Become a Tenant

Get in touch with us! Please feel free to submit your query using the form below and we shall contact you as soon as possible. This form helps us get you directly in touch with the appropriate department.

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