Always Innovative

To keep tenants, their assets and customers secure, we have designed a security strategy that complies with world standards.

The Waterfront App

This will be an app with a host of functions, including:

  • Detailed analysis of footfall around the centre and time spent in areas and shops

  • Options to promote your business

Innovative security

This includes a state of the art CCTV system that monitors the town centre 24/7.

Collection points

They are designed for shoppers to be able to leave their shopping in a safe storage area and collect after they’ve spent a day wandering, eating, playing and relaxing.

Footfall cameras

These will let you know how attractive your store is to shoppers.

Free Wi-Fi

This will offer a number of marketing opportunities

Quiet zones

Separate areas designed for shoppers who want to browse and work, with access to electrical points and WiFi.

Ultra-modern infrastructure

The Waterfront is equipped with power saving elevators and escalators.