We're serious about
project delivery.

Our construction site is abuzz with activity and we are rapidly enhancing the local landscape. Multiple layers are added to the original motif like layers of petticoats under a skirt- to ultimately acquire the desired shape and appearance as envisioned by the Developer.

The dynamic flow and pace of The Waterfront is a result of cooperation with top designers and the Developers extensive experience in retail environments.

Editors’ Note

The Waterfront Development is a Two-Story retail building comprising 31,000 square meters gross built area in Phase 1. Our building shell structure is constructed out of reinforced concrete. You might be curious about the skeletal forms that can be seen on the numerous buildings-under-construction all around Nairobi City. There’s a lot of this that is now visible on our site especially on the second level of the building- this referred to as formwork. Formwork is a formation of panels (timber, steel, plastic or aluminum) that mould together to ensure the structural form is erected soundly and achieves safe design parameters. Even the basic foundation casting is done using formwork.

Once the concrete has been cast and all the formwork removed, we can start to make out the true shape and scale of the building. The good stuff is coming soon - formwork takes nearly 25% of all construction time and is usually the least attractive part of the process.

Progress Report

What’s what and where we’re at. See where we are in the construction process.


Where We Are

The initial stages of construction are close to completion.The process includes basic foundation work for Phase One.


Our Goals

Our goal is to create a bustling community in Karen, keeping in vision Nairobi's urban sustainable future.

To be the go-to lifestyle and wellness destination in East Africa, offering an unforgettable experience to everyone, every time

To offer a safe, environmentally responsible and world-class shopping and lifestyle experience to everyone who comes through our doors