The height
of variety

Open Spaces

We encourage outside living, so visitors will enjoy plenty of open inside the buildings are made with intentional spaces that let in natural light and ventilation, not to mention the acres of space outside. The Waterfront will give shopping experiences a (figurative and literal) breath of fresh air.


A Lake

The lake, overlooked by various restaurants, will offer visitors an unbeatable view.


Our eateries and shops will offer a taste of the world, because our clients are world class.

Fun Activities

The Waterfront will come with a variety of fun-based activities for the whole family, from child-friendly games to extreme sports.

The Waterfront also has a number
of ideal offerings for tenants:

  • Efficiency

  • Security

  • Reliable water and power

  • Green measures to reduce reliance on the water grid

  • The latest technologies

  • Double volume heights

  • Adaptable interior/exterior

  • Large covered protected walkways

  • Strong exterior connection

  • Defined phased approach to development

  • Over 900 parking bays - more than twice the standard requirement