About Us

The Waterfront is a world class town centre with innovation in every square inch.


Creating Exclusive Experiences

Why the new "town centre" is in Karen

More people are choosing to live and work in Karen and there is a steady stream of boutique restaurants, cottage industries and commercial enterprises that are populating the neighbourhood - all attuned to the unique quality of the local environment. Karen has set the standard for integrating the natural and built environment, adding aesthetic value whilst keeping environmental impact to a minimum. The Waterfront has adopted a low-density, eco-sensitive approach that fits in perfectly with the quaint nature and heritage that Karen has so carefully preserved in the past.


With substantial Government investment in improving the roads network in the area, Karen is set to become even more accessible; and The Waterfront will be right at the heart of this crosshatch of thoroughfare moving into and through the area with ease.

Highways Authority (KenHA) has already begun works expanding the Karen-Kikuyu and Karen- Bomas roads, upgrading them to dual carriage standard. Additional lanes connecting Karen suburb to Ngong are also planned.



The height of variety

Open Spaces

We encourage outside living, so visitors will enjoy plenty of open inside the buildings are made with intentional spaces that let in natural light and ventilation, not to mention the acres of space outside. The Waterfront will give shopping experiences a (figurative and literal) breath of fresh air.


A Lake

The lake, overlooked by various restaurants, will offer visitors an unbeatable view.



Our eateries and shops will offer a taste of the world, because our clients are world class.


Fun Activities

The Waterfront will come with a variety of fun-based activities for the whole family, from child-friendly games to extreme sports.

The Waterfront also has a number
of ideal offerings for tenants:

  • Efficiency
  • Security
  • Strong exterior connection
  • Reliable water and power
  • Green measures to reduce reliance on the water grid
  • Defined phased approach to development
  • The latest technologies
  • Double volume heights
  • Over 900 parking bays - more than twice the standard requirement
  • Adaptable interior/exterior
  • Large covered protected walkways

Going Green

Naturally Sustainable

We are creating a lake to enhance the natural environment and act as the central visual theme that unifies the development’s diverse elements.

Seeing the light

The development will have solar panels on the rooftops that will supplement The Waterfront’s power needs.

Seeing the light

The Waterfront believes in the sustainable use of water. We identified a company to fit in all our water output products a champion for the value of water Hansgrohe.

Their mixers and showers, which are fitted with EcoSmart technology, require up to 60% less water than conventional products. Thirteen litres of water per minute run through a conventional basin mixer. EcoSmart lowers water consumption by up to 60%, to around 5 litres per minute. This works by adding air and by means of a special flow limitation system. The result of which is a full, bubbling water jet.

Seeing the light

The Waterfront will considerably reduce reliance on mains water, lighting and comfort utilities. The lake at the heart of the development, 14,000 square metres in size, doubles as a wetland. It will be the main water storage area while the land will act as the catchment area. Cascades and fountains will help oxygenate the water. We will add Gambusia fish to eliminate mosquitos, catfish to control the frog population, and tilapia to control algae growth. These will in turn attract herons, ducks, geese, kingfishers and many other birds. Other than the ecological attraction, the water features will also reduce dependence on mains water by incorporating sophisticated water recycling and holding system.The buildings, meanwhile, will use as much natural light as possible and take advantage of natural ventilation.



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